Truth is Beauty

Style Identity Analysis

How it works:

  1. Book a day and time for your analysis to begin.

  2. As soon as you book, send at least three pictures of yourself.
    At least one should be a well-lit photo of your smiling face, head-on, with a moderate amount of makeup (or none, if you don’t wear makeup), and with your hair completely off your forehead. At least one should be a full-length photo of your body.

  3. I’ll begin your analysis on the date you book, and finish it in seven days or sooner.

When I send you your Style Identity, you’ll receive a detailed report explaining your results, with exact percentage recommendations given for your line lengths, shape sizes, best amount of detail, best amount of tailoring, ideal fit, how youthful or mature you should appear, and your best feminine-masculine balance.

You’ll also receive photo examples of your very best outfits.

Additionally, you’ll receive the Visual Style Guide and What Not To Wear guide for your style type.

I look forward to analyzing you!

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